Healthy & Tasty Diet for kids

Tastee Gourmet aims at offering a school lunch service which is convenient for both the school and parents. To ensure satisfaction, we take extra care of students’ health through our guarantee of food hygiene, freshness and quality, while bring nutritious and offering a balanced diet. We also support environmental protection measures and actively participate in various activities to promote a healthy diet on school campus, plus we assist schools in promoting quality of health too.

Nutritionist Designed 

A nutritious and balanced diet is important for the growth and development of schoolchildren. An appropriate portion of grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and protein are essential key recommendations for a balanced diet. We hire professional nutritionists to design our menus according to the guidelines set by the Department of Health and the (Food Pyramid), to ensure we are providing meals with high nutritional value.

Easy Management for Schools

We understand the specific challenges that the Hong Kong school administration and staff face daily. We aim at providing quality a school lunch service through catering to their needs. We offer school meal catering services, professionals running of school cafeteria, or on-site cooking for school meals. No matter which service you subscribe, we have a quality assurance team to guarantee the quality delivery of food.

Simple Ordering

Fresh & Delicious 

Tastee Gourmet offers simple school lunch Hong Kong ordering procedures and payment method for convenience. Parents can pay by cash / cheque by direct bank-in, or via PPS.

Taste and look of the meals could make a difference to kids whether they can take up the nutrients. With this in mind, Tastee Gourmet has worked hard on the presentation and taste of our meals. Using fresh ingredients, fine cooking and high standard of delivery procedure to keep the meal box hot, we offer fresh and delicious gourmet for students.

Speak to one of our tender managers to see how we can bring you and your school the unique school lunch Hong Kong solution that not only works, but one that brings a hassle-free experience to the school administration and staff, one that demonstrates the best value to the school budget, and of paramount importance, one that provides a delicious and healthy meal to the students every day.

Delivered area of School Lunch: Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories